Frisbee Custom Bumper Stickers

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Frisbee Custom Bumper Stickers
Our custom bumper stickers are suitable for application on any surface of your auto. Our high-quality vinyl logo stickers are fade resistant and waterproof, so your message stays visible for many years. Our vinyl stickers for cars are great for promoting your school or youth sports team, your business, or adding a personal touch to your vehicle. Also great for covering dings and supporting political hacks.

Create your own Bumper Stickers
A Custom Bumper Sticker from can help you display your corporate logo or support your favorite sports team, anime, or spread your own message. We offer indoor and outdoor stickers and labels for every use imaginable.
Bumper stickers

Features of bumper stickers from

We offer stickers for every use imaginable.  We have indoor and outdoor stickers and labels with no minimums and free shipping in the USA.
Ultra thinness  Lightness
Ultra-thin  & lightweight
The high-quality stickers can protect their bumper from damage!
Waterproof  Oil proof
Waterproof & Oil-proof
The inyl material stickers can resist extreme weather and oil stains.
UV resistance  Anti scratch
Fade & scratch resistant
The stickers will not fade or crack because of the special finish.
Protect Your Bumper
Hidden You Scratches
It can hide a scratch or beautify it on a bumper in times of damage.
Split Back
Bumper sticker with split-backing, making it easy to peel off the backing!
Strong Adhesive
Strong Adhesive
It can attach permanently and be removed without leaving residue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you provide free templates for my customized bumper stickers?
    A: Yes, of course, we provide you with various templates for free. Or you can connect with us to design your own templates.
  • Q: How long can I use your custom bumper stickers?
    A: Our car bumper stickers are made of durable vinyl material, and the strong adhesive allows you to use them for three to five years.
  • Q: Are there any bubbles when I stick my stickers on personal objects?
    A: Of course not. Compared with ordinary stickers, our custom bumper stickers are easy to stick on objects without bubbles.
  • Q: Will your bumper stickers damage my car's body?
    A: Our vinyl bumper sticker is made with semi-permanent adhesive, which allows you to use it repeatedly. Under normal conditions, the adhesive will not strip off your car body when your sticker was removed.
  • Q: How to remove your bumper stickers from your cars correctly?
    A: Firstly, clean up your bumper stickers and your car by using soapy water; Then, heat the sticker with a hairdryer to loosen the backing adhesive. And remove your bumper stickers with a credit card or other plastic tool immediately. Use soapy water to remove residue left on your car's body.
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