Custom Stickers Design System

How Do You Start Making Your Own

Custom Stickers Design System
Want to order custom products more easily? online custom system makes you customize more quickly, and custom products more personalized and original!

How to make your own product?
It is easy to start making your own, just by selecting a template to enter our custom system, online design, and uploading your design files are available. We offer a variety of design templates for you to use for free, you can also use your ideas to re-create. We will have a step-by-step guide, your customized journey can save more time!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are vinyl stickers?
    A: Vinyl stickers are made from vinyl cut into various shapes. They are also printed in safe, waterproof ink with protective material on top to make the vinyl stickers more durable.
  • Q: Can stickers be kept in wet places for a long time?
    A: Some stickers can last a long time, but the waterproof and durability of the stickers depend on other materials, such as adhesives, as well as protective materials. Since vinyl is not waterproof, we do not recommend using it in wet places.
  • Q: Can I use stickers on my laptop?
    A: You can use stickers on your laptop, but choose removable adhesives and gentle movements to avoid damaging your laptop, and don't use stickers on your laptop vents.
  • Q: How much do custom stickers cost?
    A: Different stickers have different prices and the specific price depends on the materials and techniques. For example, the kiss cut sticker is usually more expensive than the die cut sticker, because it has an extra back.
  • Q: What's the difference between a sticker and a label?
    A: Stickers and labels are both printed matter, but there is a big difference in their use. Labels are more professional than stickers because labels are usually used in business, medical and other fields, while stickers tend to be decorative and for fun.
  • Q: What are the components of your label?
    A: Custom labels are typically made up of five parts, top to bottom: gloss or matte laminated layer, ink layer, vinyl layer, glue layer, and backing paper.
  • Q: What is a product label?
    A: The product label can be used in the outer packaging of the product, which can identify the product or carry some information about the product. Product labels can print any product information, which can help get more attention.
  • Q: How many different shapes are there for custom shape labels?
    A: Custom shape labels can be cut into any shape. Complex, simple shapes are readily available with the help of laser cutting equipment. If it is a complex shape to select a die cut label, your labels will be cut according to your design.
  • Q: What are the uses of pin-back buttons?
    A: The first is to help with identification, the second is to use it as a decorative object, and the third is to recycle the back to turn it into a magnet.
  • Q: What are your custom buttons made of?
    A: Our custom buttons are printed on vinyl paper with gloss and matte laminate options. The button is characterized by its smoothness and durability, with a tinplate back.
  • Q: Can photos be designed as custom photo buttons?
    A: Photos can be printed on buttons, but make sure your photo format is correct and clear. Buttons are printed in JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, BMP, PDF, PSD, AI.
  • Q: What is Rim text and what are they for?
    A: Rim text allows the information to be printed on the inside edge of the button, which is achieved by wrapping the button material around the back of the button. Rim text allows space for your front design and fills in your information on the back, which is completely separate from the front design and does not affect the front design. 
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