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Improve Brand Awareness By Using Custom Buttons
Custom buttons are a kind of souvenirs and promotional items with moderate price, high quality, and a beautiful appearance. Custom buttons are very common in business promotions and commercial activities. Custom buttons are easy to distribute, easy to wear and store, and other advantages, which can save costs for companies or events.

Components of the Custom Pin Buttons
The custom printed buttons of Vinylstickers are mainly divided into three components, the button shell, the button pin, and the sub-layer graphics. Our button shell has two materials: a plastic shell and a metal shell.

Create Your Own Custom Made Buttons
Choose to create buttons online. We completely make according to the customer's ideas, to raise the customer's brand and ideas to a new level. You only need to enter our product category page to customize your button bulk online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What size of custom pin buttons can you provide for me?
    A: There is no size limit for our custom pin buttons. Therefore, you can order custom buttons in any size that meets your design requirements.
  • Q: Can you provide free button design templates for my custom made buttons?
    A: Of course! We provide you with exquisite free templates in various shapes for you to choose from. You can modify the image, text, color, and other information at will. Besides, you can also upload your own button design to the online design system of buttons on our website.
  • Q: How many colors can I use on one custom printing button?
    A: There is no limit. All the high-quality custom buttons in bulk produced by are printed in full color, using the latest digital printing technology. No matter what color you want, the price of our custom printing pins is always the same.
  • Q: Can you reserve the artwork of my custom buttons?
    A: Yes! We can keep it for you permanently. If you need to place repeat orders, please contact us directly. We are happy to help you re-order custom buttons of the old design.
  • Q: Can I submit multiple designs for my custom printing buttons order?
    A: Each button design should be entered into your shopping cart as a separate product. For example, if you want to divide 200 buttons into two designs, you need to enter 100 of one button and 100 of the other button into your shopping cart. Please note that because each individual button design has been processed and produced separately, our pricing is based on the quantity you order for each design, not the number of buttons in your entire order.
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