Custom Address Rectangle Labels

Make Your Own Custom Rectangle Labels

Why Customize Rectangle Labels?
High-quality custom rectangle labels are ideal for brand promotion. Rectangle labels can be used as product labels, ingredient labels, commodity labels, and other personalized labels in various fields. Custom rectangle labels are very durable and can firmly adhere to most smooth surfaces, including paper, glass, metal, etc.

Get Free Design Online
Use our online label design system to easily add company logos, suitable photos, upload copy, and choose your favorite color to achieve a completely customized look. All dreams about rectangle labels can be turned into amazing products on

Advantages of Custom Rectangle Labels
Reusable & 3 Years Service Life
Water & Weather Proof
UV-protection and Scratch-resistant
2 Level Color Printing Technology
No Residues When Removed
Safety and Eco- Friendly Inks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Before producing my rectangle sticker labels, can you send me the proof for approval?
    A: Yes, you can ask us to provide the proof for you to check and modify before printing. And by the way, you can also choose to skip this approval step if you are sure of the artwork.
  • Q: Can rectangle waterproof labels be affixed on wet surfaces?
    A: No, please note that when using rectangle labels, ensure that the surface is dry and clean.
  • Q: Can I add my brand logo to my personalized rectangle labels?
    A: Sure, you can upload your label design directly. Besides, you can also use our professional online design system to create unique rectangle labels.
  • Q: How can I choose the appropriate gloss for my rectangle printable labels?
    A: The gloss and high gloss provide a vibrant gloss and brighten the label. Both options can produce a mirror-like gloss effect. If your rectangle label requires higher reflectivity, then choose high gloss.
  • Q: If I want to customize the product rectangle labels, what content needs to be included in the design?
    A: Content on the front of the rectangle labels:
    Product name
    Brand logo
    Product picture and introduction

    Content on the back of the rectangle labels:
    Ingredient list
    Product description
    Brand concept and contact information
  • Q: What is the difference between outside and indoor stickers?
    A: The most significant difference between outdoor and outdoor stickers is the location covered by adhesive. The adhesive for outdoor stickers is on the back, while the adhesive for indoor stickers covers the pattern, which is usually cut in reverse.
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