Transfer Stickers on car window

Features of custom transfer stickers

Transfer Stickers on car window provides high-quality and accurately cut transfer stickers. Customized advertising transfer stickers are used for automobile advertising promotion, which can quickly and effectively improve the brand awareness of enterprises or companies. Order quickly in 3 minutes and deliver goods free of charge.

● Can be cut in monochrome or multicolor
● Suitable for simple logo & various text design
● A larger size option & suitable for large surfaces
● High-strength adhesives are suitable for various surfaces
● Weather resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor
● Peel off after use without leaving residue

How to Use Transfer Stickers?

Clear Car Window Surface

Step One

Clean up the parts of the car where transfer stickers need to be pasted.
Pasta transfer stickers on window

Step Two

Paste it on the car and press transfer sticker with the card or hand to make it completely stick to car.
transfer stickers on car window

Step Three

Peel off the transfer film on the transfer sticker from the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I design the custom transfer stickers?
    A: Of course. You can give our designers your design drawing. Or you can use our online design system to make your own transfer stickers.
  • Q: How many colors do you provide for the transfer stickers?
    A: We can provide all colors as per customers’ requests. You only need to ensure the color you select is right.
  • Q: Is the transfer sticker waterproof?
    A: Yes, the material of the transfer sticker provides protection against extreme weather like wind and rain. The transfer sticker is accessible for indoor or outdoor uses.
  • Q: What surfaces do transfer stickers apply to?
    A: Our transfer stickers can be used to adhere to flat & smooth surfaces. For example, glass, paper, windows, mirrors, metal, and other smooth surfaces. Also, please note that transfer stickers are not suitable for adhesion to a textured surface.
  • Q: Why do my transfer stickers have the crease in them?
    A: It is a common thing for stickers to have creases during shipping. It is easy to fix that you can pull the transfer tape away from the backing across custom transfer decals about halfway. Replace it slowly, smooth this area out from the middle of the transfer sticker with your hands, and then repeat the same operation on the other side of the sticker.
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