Premium Wine Die Cut Labels

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Premium Wine Die Cut Labels
Die cut labels are a low-cost and easy way to promote branding and increase product exposure. The waterproof, oil-proof, and durable custom die cut labels can be cut into any shape, suitable for bottles, cans, boxes, packaging, etc. Why not use our die cut roll labels to make your packaging & products stand out?

Choose, it's so easy to get your own custom die cut labels! Determine the size & shape you want, and then upload your own brand's logo and text. We will arrange the die cut labels printing precisely for you according to your actual requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I customize any shape for my die cut labels?
    A: Yes, of course, we can make the custom die cut labels of all kinds of shapes you need.
  • Q: What is the best material if I want to use my die cut label outside?
    A: White vinyl material is the best choice for outdoor product labels because it is waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Q: Are you printing my custom die cut labels on paper rolls?
    A: Yes, we provide customized die cut roll labels. Currently, we provide various customized labels for you to choose from transparent, round, oval, rectangular, square, and oval shapes.
  • Q: What options do you have for the surface of your die cut labels?
    A: We provide the following options for your die cut labels.
    1. Matte: the surface of the label is dull. If you need a simple appearance or a soft design, then Matte Surface is your ideal choice.
    2. High gloss: high gloss, suitable for design with richer colors. If you want to enhance the color and design of the design, you can choose Glossy coating.
    3. Uncoated: the appearance of natural paper texture does not affect the color of the label itself.
  • Q: When can I receive my die cut roll labels?
    A: After the customer approves the label proof, the shortest delivery time is 2 to 5 days. However, the delivery time may vary due to factors such as delivery location, order quantity, etc.
  • Q: What is the difference between outside and indoor stickers?
    A: The most significant difference between outdoor and outdoor stickers is the location covered by adhesive. The adhesive for outdoor stickers is on the back, while the adhesive for indoor stickers covers the pattern, which is usually cut in reverse.
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