kiss cut stickers

Printing Custom Kiss Cut Stickers Online

kiss cut stickers
Why kiss cut vinyl is promotional sticker plus?
Kiss cutting stickers is known as an upgraded version of promotional stickers. Kiss cut stickers are based on additional backing feature, it not only has wonderful personalized design, but also can display more brands, enterprises, contact or promotion information. And custom kiss cut stickers is convenient for mailing, and distribution.

Kiss Cut Stickers can be regarded as an efficient tool to promote your products and enhance your brand awareness. Design your own kiss cut print vinyl stickers with our Online Design System. Select custom kiss cut stickers with individually cut or custom kiss cut sticker sheets. We will offer our professional artwork services and ship your order for free!

Kiss Cut Vinyl Stickers Hightlights

We continuously research and improve the quality of kiss cut stickers, making every customer trust us and sticker quality.
Resistant to Scratches Tear-proof & Durable
Suitable for Outdoor use
Unti-fading in sunlight
Eco Solvent
Eco- Friendly Inks Printing
Removable Easily
No adhesive residue
Peel Off Easily
Stripped backing easily
Kiss Cut Sticker artwork

Printing Custom Kiss Cut Stickers Online

Kiss Cut Sticker artwork
Point 1 - Artproof of Kiss Cut Stickers
Line 1: Called Safety Line. The inside of the safety line should be involved all your design elements including text and graphics.
Line 2: Called Trim Line. It is a cut line that has extended 2mm along with the safety area, which can ensure the integrity of your artwork.
Line 3: Called Cutting Line. The area around the graphics can print any texts or logos. Along with the cutting line to make final kiss cut stickers.
Point 2 - File Formats of Your Artproof
JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, AI, BMP, TIF, and EPS are allowed.
Point 3 - Color of Artwork
Use Standard CMYK Print.
Point 4 - Single Stickers & Stickers Sheet
Here, we offer two layouts for the kiss cut stickers. One is the single sticker that only has one design on it, the other is the stickers sheet that has printed multiple designs on one sheet. You can click here to order it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you provide templates for kiss-cut stickers?
    A: Our Online Design System has hundreds of templates and other art elements for you to use for your sticker design. It’s easy to use and powerful and you’ll find yourself creating sticker designs in no time.
  • Q: Does the size of the kiss-cut sticker include the backing?
    A: Yes, your kiss-cut stickers include the size of the backing, so the price of kiss-cut stickers is calculated according to the backing size.
  • Q: Can you print a sticker sheet with several individual kiss-cut stickers on the same page?
    A: Yes. We add the printed layer with a clear gloss over laminate, so these stickers are protected against water, harsh oils and other chemicals.
  • Q: Will you provide me with an art proof for my kiss-cut sticker design for approval?
    A: We are glad to send you an art proof for approval with every order.
  • Q: Why should you leave a white edge around the custom stickers?
    A: It can ensure the integrity of the design, and the round edge can protect the stickers from tearing.
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