Metallic Gold and Silver Custom Stickers

Shiny Metallic Stickers For Different Labels

Metallic Gold and Silver Custom Stickers
Custom metal stickers are suitable for any common and premium product. Metallic stickers are personalized shiny stickers full of energy and look fun. It applies to a wide application of product stickers, promotional materials, notebook labels, drinking water bottles, cosmetics, scented candles and other high-end items.
We can cut metal sticker labels into any shape, from clean simple squares to complex custom shapes. We have no minimum order quantities, no matter how special your product is, our metal stickers are a nice choice! The stability and elegant appearance of metallic films are good ideals for a variety of labeling and promotional uses.

Hightlight Features:
● High-quality mirror effects with special laminate and durability.
● Gorgeous outlook with strong gloss, easy to use.
● The metal sticker unique stable appearance and perfect print effect.
● Suitable for Indoor and outdoor use, UV-protection, waterproof, tear-resistant.
● Be of high quality, excellent print quality, clear graphics
● Suitable for smooth surfaces, such as promotional materials, laptops, jewelry and applications for other high-end items.
Art Proof Design of Stickers

Helpful Tips of Artproof Design 

Art Proof Design of Stickers
Tip 1 - File Formats of Your Art work proof
JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, AI, BMP, TIF, and EPS are allowed to use.

Tip 2 - The Artwork Background of Holographic Stickers
The colorless area of holographic stickers need to keep the transparent backgroundfor printing.

Tip 3 - The Blank Edge of Holographic Stickers
Safety Area: The safety area should be involved all your design elements including text and graphics.Trim Line: Cut line extended 2mm along with the safety area and ensure the integrity of your artwork.

Tip 4 - Color of Artwork
LogoStickers use Standard CMYK good quality Print.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the minimum order required for the die cut stickers?
    A: never sets the minimum order request for the custom made die cut stickers. You can buy our custom die cut stickers no minimum without worrying about waste.
  • Q: Can I upload my own die cut sticker design?
    A: Sure, you only need to upload your own artwork for custom stickers die cut in our convenient customization system.
  • Q: What are the advantages of your custom die cut stickers?
    A: Our customized die cut stickers have a film to protect the artwork, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or stains affecting the die cut stickers themselves. We produce high-quality, full-color printed custom die cut stickers that can be used indoors and outdoors. Then, the print die cut sticker has two options of beautiful gloss & elegant matte finishes.
  • Q: Is the price of your die cut stickers guaranteed?
    A: Yes, of course. The price and quality of our die cut custom stickers are all guaranteed. Moreover, all personalized die cut stickers are sold at low factory-direct prices.
  • Q: Can you arrange an urgent order for me?
    A: Of course, we can arrange urgent orders. You only need to make remarks before placing an order.

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