Elegant Custom Oval Labels

Make Custom Oval Labels for Any Project

Use Delicate Oval Labels for your Brand
Use delicate custom oval labels to add eye-catching brilliance and vitality to your brand, projects, outer packaging, queuing, and other occasions, making your oval label a unique customized product. Amazing printable oval labels can be made horizontal and vertical to meet your different design requirements.

Customize Oval Labels Online Easily
Using our convenient online label design system, we have prepared many exquisite oval labels template for you to use for free. Then, we have a team of professional designers who will enthusiastically provide you with free oval label design services. It is quite simple and easy to customize oval sticker labels online.

What are the Features of Oval Labels?
Reusable & 3 Years Service Life
Water & Weather Proof
UV-protection and Scratch-resistant
2 Level Color Printing Technology
No Residues When Removed
Safety and Eco- Friendly Inks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I design oval labels with borders?
    A: Yes, we accept designs with borders. You can design your own oval labels freely according to actual needs. Moreover, if you have any doubts about the design of your own personalized oval label, our excellent designer team will give you professional advice for free.
  • Q: Can you provide free design templates for my personalized oval label?
    A: Of course, there are many pretty templates in the online design system of our website for you to use for free.
  • Q: What does "bleeding" mean in the design of custom oval labels?
    A: Bleeding refers to the extension of the background color of the label itself and the latter pattern beyond the edge of the product oval label. This ensures that the design will not be accidentally cut off during the cutting process and can better demonstrate the paste effect. We recommend that you reserve a certain bleeding position on the edges of your oval labels. If you still have questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us, our customer service team will give a professional answer.
  • Q: Can I write on the oval labels you produce?
    A: Yes, you can write on our custom oval label. After testing, we found that permanent markers and ballpoint pens have the best writing results.
  • Q: Are the oval custom labels you made rainproof?
    A: Yes, our customized oval labels are made of high-quality laminated materials, which are waterproof, oil-proof, and light-proof. Even in the dishwasher, these amazing oval labels can stay in good condition.
  • Q: What is the difference between outside and indoor stickers?
    A: The most significant difference between outdoor and outdoor stickers is the location covered by adhesive. The adhesive for outdoor stickers is on the back, while the adhesive for indoor stickers covers the pattern, which is usually cut in reverse.
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