parts of static clings stickers

What is the Parts of Static Clings Stickers?

parts of static clings stickers
● First Layer - Transparent glossy finish to protect the surface of the clear sticker, waterproof and stain-resistant.

● Second Layer -
It is printed patterns and text which make custom clear stickers own precise details and bright colors.

● Third layer -
The thickness of the backing not only improves the texture of the transparent sticker but also is smooth and easy to peel off.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What materials are your static cling decals made of?
    A: Our customized static cling decals are made of high-quality vinyl, which does not contain adhesives and is easy to peel off and reuse. More importantly, vinyl makes your static cling decals stick to windows or glass surfaces like miniature suction cups.
  • Q: Can I see my static cling decals from a distance?
    A: To ensure that your design has obvious visibility, we recommend that you use contrasting colors. We usually print white behind the printed part of your attachment to ensure maximum brightness and clarity. In addition, consider the placement location and surface of the object, and at what distance do you need people to see this static cling decal, etc.
  • Q: If I arrange full-color printing, will my static cling decals be more expensive?
    A: No, because all the custom static cling decals we print are in full color. In fact, the price of your static cling decals will be determined by the quantity and size.
  • Q: Can you send me the static cling decals artwork for approval?
    A: We will send you a decal artwork before production. And if you are confident in the design or you are anxious, you can skip this artwork approval step.
  • Q: How to store custom static cling decals?
    A: First of all, you need to keep the original liner paper. But if you don't have inner liner paper, then spread these static cling decals on wax paper. Please be careful not to roll or fold static cling decals to avoid creases.
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