Elegant Square Coffee Labels

Order Custom Square Labels Easily & Simply

Elegant Square Coffee Labels
Why Customize Square Labels?
Custom square labels are suitable for packaging, promotion, various events, and exhibitions. The exquisite square labels provide the easiest and cheapest way to enhance the brand image and increase publicity. The surface of the square labels can be selected from an elegant matte or shiny gloss layer. Besides, you can choose from rounded corners or right angles to enhance the appearance of square labels.

Use our convenient online design system to make interesting custom square labels, colorful designs, high-quality raw materials, and elegant appearance. You will fall in love with the personalized square labels carefully produced by Customstickers.com. All printable square labels are sold at factory-direct prices. More importantly, we offer free and professional artwork services and free shipping for your order!

Advantages of Custom Square Labels
The square shape has the largest printing space.
· Suitable for paper, plastic, glass, and metal surfaces.
· Durable, prevents curling and shedding.
· Tear-proof, heat-resistant, waterproof, and sun-proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you provide templates for my square labels?
    A: Yes, our online design system has hundreds of free and pretty templates and various elements for your personalized label design. You will find it is easy to use, you can instantly create square labels in less than five minutes.
  • Q: Is there a minimum order quantity request for your customized square labels?
    A: No, you can rest assured to order, because our custom labels never limit the minimum order quantity.
  • Q: What is the label bleeding area?
    A: Bleeding refers to the edge area around the square label, which exceeds the decorative edge of the printed part. It should be noted that the background or image that touches the edge of the custom label oozes outside the trimming line to ensure that there is no risk of white edges on the finished product when trimming after printing. Normally, we recommend that you use a 3mm bleed area on the custom square label. Just contact us for a professional answer if there is any queries about the bleeding design area.
  • Q: If I want to change the design of my square labels, can I change it at any time?
    A: You can change the design of your square labels before the final artwork is approved. But please note that no changes to the design are allowed if the order is already in production. Otherwise, we will charge for any design changes that occur during production. Therefore, please determine the design before bulk production.
  • Q: How soon can I receive my square labels?
    A: Our fastest delivery time for custom labels is same-day production and same-day delivery. You can order small square labels and receive our quality labels with fast and free 2-day shipping!
  • Q: What is the difference between outside and indoor stickers?
    A: The most significant difference between outdoor and outdoor stickers is the location covered by adhesive. The adhesive for outdoor stickers is on the back, while the adhesive for indoor stickers covers the pattern, which is usually cut in reverse.
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