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Custom Holographic Stickers - Give High Value

Holographic Special Effect Stickers
Holographic stickers are also known as artistic stickers which can provide you with creative storm. The unique rainbow luster makes products more attractive and wins more people's attention and love. Holographic vinyl stickers are usually used for retail products, cars, brand authenticity, authoritative labels, artistic stickers, interesting stickers, etc.
Printed on Demand
We offer a variety of metal color custom holographic stickers with different texture options. Choose them to print your holographic custom stickers with no shape limit die-cutting process. We also provide free design services for you. Our precise digital die-cutting technology makes the edge-cutting effect of custom holographic stickers surprisingly flat and clean.
Reusable & 3 Years Service Life
Water & Weather Proof
UV-protection and Scratch-resistant
2 Level Color Printing Technology
No Residues When Removed
Safety and Eco- Friendly Inks
Exploded view of holographic stickers

How to Print Holographic Stickers?

Exploded view of holographic stickers
UV Protective Layer - The UV layer can fade-resistant and anti-scratch, 3-5 years outdoors service life. Play a protective role
Full Colors Ink Layer - Realizing your design on the surface of the background paper. CMYK Color Ink is supplied to your stickers graphics.
White UV Printing Layer - The white ink was printed under the color printing layer, ensuring that the final graphic is clearly visible.
Holographic Vinyl Paper - The holographic vinyl is the main feature of the custom holographic stickers because it can create a clear background and serve to cut the right size for all customers.
Residu-free Adhesive - The adhesive will not leave residues on your personal items. Give you the best experience!
Durable Backing - The backing of the clear sticker can store your sticker and protect the adhesive before you start to stick it on something.
Scissor Hand Holographic Sticker Artwork

Design Attention Points

Scissor Hand Holographic Sticker Artwork
Point 1 - File Formats of Your Artproof
JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, AI, BMP, TIF, and EPS are allowed.
Point 2 - The Artwork Background of Holograhic Stickers
The colorless area of holographic stickers need to keep the transparent background for printing.
Point 3 - The Blank Edge of Holograhic Stickers
Safety Area: The safety area should be involved all your design elements including text and graphics.
Trim Line: It is a cut line that has extended 2mm along with the safety area, which can ensure the integrity of your artwork.
Point 4 - Color of Artwork
Use Standard CMYK Print

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How to prepare the design of printing holographic die-cutting sticker?
    A: The design of custom stickers holographic should be transparent background. These transparent areas will be transparent when the label is printed. In order to ensure the quality of the printed sticker, please save your rejection in the vector file (such as: AI,. EPS,. SVG)
  • Q: Is it possible to print white on custom holographic stickers?
    A: You can print white on the holographic sticker, but the holographic sticker cannot be 100% opaque. This means that although the print will be white, it will also give off a slight gloss due to the material.
  • Q: Can holographic custom stickers enter the microwave oven?
    Q: Can I order only one holographic sticker?
  • Q: What kinds of file types do you accept?
    A: Yes, of course, we haven't the minimum order quantity for holographic lamination, but we have the lowest starting price
  • Q: Can stickers holographic be reused?
    A: Holographic stickers use removable adhesive to make the stickers stick more firmly, so it can be reuse.
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