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Our high-quality custom rectangle buttons are printed in full color and equipped with sturdy steel pins on the back, which are durable and easy to wear. The amazing rectangle buttons look professional and eye-catching, suitable for distribution and sale in various events. provides free artwork proofing and free shipping for all customers. All custom rectangle buttons from have no minimum order quantity requirement. Start customizing your exclusive rectangle buttons online now to make them the most cost-effective choice!

Where to Use Custom Rectangle Buttons?
Custom rectangular buttons are widely used. The following items are commonly used scenarios by our customers, we hope to help you find more ideas and inspiration for custom rectangle buttons!
● Promotion  ● School  ● Activities  ● Conferences   ● Band   ● Club   ● Member          ● Charity   ● Advertising
Rectangle Buttons

Features of Custom buttons

Our custom buttons are suitable for any theme artwork. This type of button exhibits the following characteristics.
Easily recognizable & distinguishable elements.
Convenient distribution
Easy to wear, easy to distribute and collect.
Customizable Design
Various designs, logos, text, and graphics.
Making them suitable for long-term use.
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Promotional Use
Used for promotional campaigns, events, or marketing purposes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the difference between custom buttons and custom pins?
    A: Custom buttons are usually made of metal and equipped with a safety pin clutch. We provide custom buttons with basic shapes, including round buttons, square buttons, rectangle buttons, and oval buttons with high quality.

    Custom pins  (or enamel pins, lapel pins) are made of various materials, usually with butterfly clutches or rubber pin backs. Our main website, provides many kinds of custom pins, made of premium materials, can be printed in full color with different plating, cut into any shape, and have a rubber pin clutch.
  • Q: Regarding my customized rectangular button design draft, what changes can I make?
    A: Before approving the proof of your personalized rectangle buttons, your design draft proof can make unlimited changes to the following items for free.
    ● Adjust the button border
    ● Revise the text (the font, font size, and color, etc)
    ● Change the type of surface effect
    ● Change color
    ● Change size
    ● And other modifications
  • Q: Can you help me design a personalized rectangle button?
    A: Of course, we have a professional team of designers who will provide you with free design services for rectangular buttons. Moreover, there are many exquisite free rectangular button templates in our design system for you to use.
  • Q: Can you provide samples of my custom rectangular button order?
    A: Sorry, we do not provide custom printing product samples. However, before producing your customized rectangle buttons, we can send the digital version of the design manuscript to you for approval until you are 100% satisfied. Moreover, our custom rectangle buttons do not have a minimum order quantity. If you still have any concerns, you can safely buy small quantities first since we offer custom buttons no minimum.
  • Q: What does the "edge text" of the custom printing buttons mean?
    A: The edge text can surround the entire edge of the rectangle button. Many people use these edges to display and convey some information, such as web address, phone number, email address, or any other content, but not on the front.
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